Code as a Second Language (CSL) 
School Pre-Program Evaluation Form
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Evaluation purpose

The information you provide in this evaluation form will be used to determined the curriculum we will leverage during the CSL Program. It will also be used by the instructor to prepare the course structure and teaching strategies.

Your input will make a difference. Please take the time to respond thoughtfully.
School Name:

What level of coding experience do the students have? *

What grades are the students in? *

How many students are participating in the course? *

Are there students with special learning needs? If so, please include which:

What language do the students speak?

Does the school provide a CS Program? If so, what courses are available for students?

What type of computers will the students use?

Does the school have reliable Wi-Fi or hard-lined internet?

Is there a projector available?

Do volunteers need clearance? If so, what is the process:

We will likely take pictures, do students have signed media release forms?

Would it be possible to interview students? If so, would we need any prior documentation?

Do you have any comments or suggestions you would like to share?